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Coffee Science for CoffeePreneurs by CoffeeMind


This podcast is our playground for discussing how Coffeepreneurs can leverage scientific methods to lead successful businesses which enriches the lives of everybody involved inside and outside the business.When running a business you have a committed purpose. You need to spend your time where it matters for yourself in order to lubricate your organization to deliver the best products to your audience. If you spend time on something that slows you down or misleads you it is precious time wasted. Unfortunately the global coffee roasting education tradition is a big patchwork with more focus on storytelling than scientific simplicity. In CoffeeMind we live and breathe scientific simplicity and the founder, Morten Münchow, has a masters degree in theory of science and more than 5 years of experience teaching research design and statistics at the University of Copenhagen. CoffeeMind's approach to coffee science and sensory science builds on this solid foundation of theory of science and research design in everything we do and we focus on simple and actionable models for skills improvement in product development and quality control.This podcast for our audience who sets aside the time to hang out with us to understand our scientific approach at a deeper level and who intuitively understands that spending this extra time on understanding methodology is rewarded by you making better decisions which make you a better servant for your audience with less time wasted on things that does not matter neither to you nor your audience. We will take you behind the scene on all of the why's and how's of our scientific projects and business practices so that you can implement our way of thinking in your own organization